Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO)

  • HighQuality Printing -300 dpi, high speed printing
  • Optimizing Cost-Maximize use of thermal transfer ribbons, minimum print spacing of 0.3 mm
  • Simple Operation-Quick & easy for ribbon replacement,easy installation and comes with robust bracket
  • Features-Detection of missing code, auto monitor quality of print, auto adjustment print head height, auto adjustment prin thead parallelism.

Laser Marking Machines are widely used in food, beverage, alcohol, electronic components, handicrafts, chemical and industrial building materials, cables, card printing and other products. Common applications include marking of expiry date, batch number, shift, bar code, manufacturer's name and logo, etc. They can provide precision marking on a wide variety of surfaces such as metal, nylon, rubber, resin, ceramics, plated metals, PVC, PET, ABS, PP and PS, etc.

Technical Specifications
Printer T73(32mm) IT75 (53mm)
Print Mode Intermittent and Continuous Integration
Left and Right Optional
Resolution 300DPI
Inter. Print Area 32mm x 55mm 53mm x 55mm
Cont. Print Area 32mm x 90mm 53mm x 70mm
Ribbon Length 600M 600M
Standard Ribbon Width 33mm 55mm
Print Contents Date, post date, time counter, shift;
Bar code, QR code, LOGO, text
Input Print signal, Encoder signal (NPN, PNP)
Output Fault relay output
Dimensions(mm) 164X158X186 164X158X186
Printer weight 6.8Kg 7.0Kg
Power Supply 110/220V AC, 50/60 Hz, 120W
Air Supply No need air supply*
Operation Environmental Temperature: 5-400C
Humidity:10%-90%, non-condensing
Operating Interface 7-inch color LCD touch screen display, WYSIWYG Print
content preview, Online Diagnostic Menu, Chinese and
English language
Power Controller

Dimensions (mm) 231X190X85; Weight: 2.9kg